Joe Wilby - Experienced freelance offline film editor, London UK

I am a film editor with over 10 years' freelance professional experience. I specialise in the short form but also have long form credits including an internationally distributed multi-award-winning feature film.
This is a selection of my work, please have a look around.

Latest Work

Joe Wilby work - bombardier


A series of cheeky idents starring Rik Mayall as the Bombardier.

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Joe Wilby work - Foxy Bingo - Born Free

Foxy Bingo - Born Free

Foxy feels so free he does a striptease in this TVC.

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Joe Wilby work - The Be All and End All

The Be All And End All

The scene where Ziggy attempts to get Robbie laid while on his death-bed. Clip from full-length feature film.

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